4 Most Used Scheduling Tools for Instagram

Posting on Instagram for your business is all fun and games until you find it hard to consistently show up, right?

I personally feel that having to be consistent in posting is one of the reasons why business owners tend to feel extreme burnout, and eventually stop being consistent or even give up on everything at once.

We live in a world of digitalization and there is, of course, a simple solution to everything. This includes a solution to help you manage your time better and help you stay consistent with your Instagram posting.

How, you ask? Using a scheduling tool of course! Scheduling tools can help you to plan, create, and properly strategize the type of content to put up for the month. Bonus point: helps you to be consistent as well!

I always, ALWAYS, tell my clients to schedule their posts in advance — preferably weekly or monthly scheduling.

Yes, yes, I know, it seems too good to be true, but trust me and everyone who have been using this method because it does help A LOT! Batch planning, batch creating, and scheduling is the only acceptable way forward, so if you have never tried using a scheduling tool, then this is the ultimate sign for you to get started.

Okay, so let’s get right to it – the 4 most used scheduling tools for Instagram are:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Later
  3. Planable
  4. FB Creator Studio (my personal favorite!)

Now that you know what scheduling tools to use, go ahead and test these out and see which sticks the best with you. I personally like FB Creator Studio as it is super easy to use and free.

I will be sharing the steps (and some tips) on how to effectively and seamlessly schedule your Instagram posts for your business, so stay tuned!

PS, checkout my Instagram post on this at instagram.com/helloshakilasamarasam

4 thoughts on “4 Most Used Scheduling Tools for Instagram

  1. I love to schedule my IG posts on FB Creator Studio too. Auto publish to my FB page. Thank you for your sharing, Shakila. Would wanna give it a try on Planable.


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